Lisa Montanaro | Volta | Nov 1 – Dec 1

In Lisa Montanaro's Volta, the art making is an exploratory process rather than a conceptual practice. The work uses formal art approaches as a point of departure to create abstracted imagery. The exhibit presents work that is in flux, where she uses multiple canvas panels that change their original orientation and repurposes disregarded works in the creative process. She is interested in the viewer forming their own answers in relationship to the work and the dialogue that follows.

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Lisa cites the skills learned in art school as the foundation she would continue to draw from as a visual artist. New Haven was a strong artistic influence on the artist with challenging studio work in classical drawing and painting. More importantly, was the ability to see what was happening in the studios in the Art and Architecture building at Yale. New York was a short train ride and she regularly went to museums and galleries in the city. The intellectual artist culture drew her in, fascinated she continues making art today.





Listen to Lisa in the first of her Volta Podcasts:

Podcast 002

Podcast 003

Podcast 004

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